Advantis work with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to recover outstanding fines.

Your details have been passed to us because your vehicle has not been taxed or had a statutory off road notification (SORN), resulting in a fine that the DVLA has asked Advantis to recover.

Non-payment of the penalty is a civil offence under Section 7a of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 and, if your vehicle remains unlicensed, your vehicle could be clamped, removed and impounded incurring release and storage fees.

You must insure and tax your vehicle if it is not SORN. If you don’t, you’ll automatically be fined for not having a SORN.

If you have taxed your vehicle or declared a SORN since receiving notification of the fine, the penalty is still payable.

Further information about taxing your vehicle or making a SORN declaration can be found on the www.gov.uk website

I moved house and updated my driving license details – why have I not received a tax reminder?

Updating your driving license details will not automatically update your vehicle details. You would need to inform the DVLA of both license and vehicle changes.

I never received a reminder, why do I have to pay?

As the Registered Keeper of the vehicle, it is your responsibility under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act to ensure you keep track of when your vehicle is due to be taxed or SORN and take action accordingly. Even if you did not receive a reminder from the DVLA the fine will still be due.

I was abroad so I couldn’t pay

It is the Registered Keeper’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is continuously licensed or declared SORN. If you were abroad when your tax/SORN expired then alternative arrangements should have been made such as paying online or in advance. The fine is still due.

I scrapped the vehicle so I don’t owe the fine

DVLA will require proof of scrappage (certificate of destruction). Please contact us so we can gather the necessary information and help you with your query.

I got rid of the vehicle so I don’t believe I owe the fine

If the DVLA were not notified or the V5C not received then as the Registered Keeper, you will remain liable. If you believe the DVLA were notified then please contact us so we can investigate this for you.

The DVLA said I could pay half the amount if I paid within two weeks – can I pay you 50%?

Unfortunately now the fine has been passed to us to recover, there is no longer any opportunity for the outstanding amount to be reduced and the full amount must be repaid.

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