Picture a Day Challenge 2016

The new year is almost upon us, so those that are interested in committing to something for the year, please find updated the “Picture A Day Challenge 2016” rules…

The rules 

  • You must take 1 or more pictures using your camera phone each day of 2016
  • You then decide at end, which is your favorite picture that sums up your day.
  • You must post the picture into a  Facebook album for the challenge and title it with the date and a comment as to why its your Picture of the Day,  eg. “01/01/2015 – New Year Celebration! #padc” Add the hashtag #padc onto your commentary as then people can use the search function in Facebook and see peoples pictures.
  • *NEW* Or you can post the picture onto your Twitter feed with commentary, still stick to the format “01/01/2015 – New Year Celebration!” but add the hashtag #padc
  • *NEW* Or if you really would like to try something more difficult you can also post a 10 second video onto Vine or Facebook now each day.    After all they’re just moving pictures aren’t they?
  • You cannot re-use the same photograph or video on multiple days.  You cannot use a placeholder photo either to say you didn’t take a picture – just take a selfie instead – you’ll see how you change over the year.
  • You can post up the picture after the day you took it, but if you fail to post a picture, or do not post for more than 3 days, you have failed the challenge.
  • It has to be a picture YOU TAKE on your phone, not a screen-grab.
  • It can be a picture of the same thing, if that’s what you see each day, and that is your picture of the day. (It’s your year after all!)

So if you are up for it, leave a comment below and let me know…

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