Windows 10 – Announcement

As an IT professional, I’m looking forward to the announcement regarding Windows 10 tomorrow at 5pm, and there are a lot of expectations on what Microsoft will do with the next version of its operating system from a consumer and also from a commercial point of view.    They’ve already made really good roads on the software development front by creating free versions of Visual Studio for small development teams to build across multiple platforms for free.

From the consumer side these are the things I hope they are about to announce :

  • Return of the start bar and a more familiar feel to Windows on the desktop environment.
  • Some better media centre integration into the product so that it plays media from installation (such as blu-ray, music etc) without having to invest in 3rd party products
  • The ability to remote-play your Xbox One console from a Windows 10 PC or some way to play Xbox 360/One games on your machine.  The important thing here is gamerscore and Xbox Live integration!
  • For it to be free across mobile/tablet/PC (rumoured if you accept the Bing! integration that will be built into the product)
  • Reworking of the APP store and the content within it

On the business and commercial point of view, I think giving it away will never happen, but I would like to see :

  • A real cut-down version of Windows 10 with most software removed out of it, so that its a shell to just let the user run the basic software they need to perform their job
  • Licensing that’s easy to pay for and integrated into the server environment with CALS (client access licenses) as at the moment if I upgrade an server I need new CALS for every client.

The announcements regarding Win 10 will be streamed live over the internet here at 5pm UK time tomorrow on 21st January.

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