The Picture A Day Challenge 2015

The rules 

  • You must take 1 picture on your camera phone each day of 2015
  • You can take multiple pictures of things during the day, and decide at end, which is your favourite picture that sums up your day.
  • You must post the picture into a  Facebook album for the challenge and title it with the date and a comment as to why its your Picture of the Day,  eg. “01/01/2015 – New Year Celebration!”
  • You cannot re-use the same photograph on multiple days.
  • You can post up the picture after the day you took it, but if you fail to post a picture, or do not post for more than 3 days, you have failed the challenge.
  • It has to be a picture you took on your phone, not a screen-grab.
  • It can be a picture of the same thing, if that’s what you see each day, and that is your picture of the day. (It’s your year after all!)

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