What Antivirus is best?


Quite a few friends and colleagues always ask me what Antivirus package is best to use.  The answer is not a simple one, but nothing ever is in IT.

For home use, the decisions are a bit different to use in an office environment.   If your budget is £0 then you should be looking at the AVAST or AVG free versions than at are available.  However, if you have some spare cash to spend each year, then you want to be looking at either KASPERSKY or NORTON in my opinion.  If you are going to buy either though, look out for the special offers in PC World or Amazon for the boxed products as they are full price through the website, and also take into account how many machines you need to protect in your home.   You may have a desktop and a couple of laptops you use, and a package that covers 3 PC’s can be a better deal than spending out for an AV package on each.

In an office environment, an AV package can protect multiple PC’s but also control a lot of policy on what you can and cant allow users to do on the system.  For this reason the KASPERSKY Endpoint Security is what I use at present.  Depending on the level and modules you buy, it allows me to disable drives, see a set of reporting on any incidents in a centralised location and rollout automated updates to any PC’s in the environment, and gives me a handy inventory of those PC’s too.

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