A new generation of gameplay?

This is my first gaming post on here, but I wanted to talk a little about my “next generation” gaming experiences here on my blog too.    I am fortunate enough to own both Xbox One and PS4 since their launch, and have been waiting for so-called “next-gen” gaming to hit.    So far, this new generation pretty much feels like the last, but with nicer graphics that I had on my old PC  over 2 years ago.

However, I had high expectations for both XB1 and PS4 in terms of network and the sensitivity of Kinect on the XB1.  The launch titles were a bit disappointing.  I loved Forza 5, as it highlighted some amazing visuals but the gameplay soon got a bit boring.    On the PS4, Killzone is a really good FPS (first-person shooter) but I just havent been enthralled with the Killzone story and world half as much as say Gears of War.

I realised Titanfall wasn’t my normal type of game the moment I started it up.   Its online-only and is almost like the multi-player world of Halo4.     It doesn’t support Kinnect in any way, shape or form.     The campaign mode in it, has a bare storyline and it drops you into one of nine maps with an aim for the mission.  It actually doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as on each map you are pitted against 6 other players (with 5 players joining your side) and you gain experience points on how you perform on the missions.  Once youve completed the 9 maps playing on the team called the “Militia”, you are then swapped and see the battle from the other side of the fence (albeit with a few more experience points tucked under your belt).

Technically, what is going on around you in this environment is where the real “next gen” steps in.  For all of Microsofts guff about the server being the future of games, it certainly looks that way in terms of multiplayer.  The first thing that strikes you within the game is how much is going on around you,  and from AI of enemies and ships and environments moving, there has to be a whole lot of processing going on in this real world environment.

The game is fun though… really fun, and addictive.      If anyone fancies joining me my Xbox ID is Roscoe73UK.  Look forward to joining you on the battlefield…

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